Manchester Chocolate Club is on hold for a while, we can’t wait until we can all get together and share craft chocolate again! Instead we’ll try and keep this page up to date with online events we take part in.

Manchester craft chocolate events

Born from a love of chatting and chocolate, we started Chocolate Club to bring together cocoa lovers, share our extensive single estate chocolate stash and talk about the industry once a month (third Wednesday of the month, in the ‘before times’). Let’s hope we can get back to it later in the year and we can catch up on what we’ve been enjoying (we always encourage people to bring bars along with them). We share at least 8 bars we have selected and any other treats we’ve picked up on our travels like fresh cacao fruit, chocolate covered freeze dried mango and cacao juice!

Manchester Single Estate
Isobel speaking at the Cocoa Runners Craft Chocolate Takeover at Canopy Market, 2018
Chocoa 2019 – The Social Profile and Trade of Philippine Cacao as Fine Cacao Panel with Estela Duque of Moulinet and Zoi Papalexandratou of Zoto

You can follow us for more information about Manchester craft chocolate events we have planned: