“Manchester’s only specialist high-end chocolate shop” Andrew Baker – From Bean to Bar, A Chocolate Lovers Guide to Britain
Unit O, Deansgate Mews, Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester, M3 4EN
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm
Keep an eye on social media for any changes.

Come and stock up on our chocolate and a selection of the finest international craft chocolate in Manchester’s only speciality chocolate shop.  Using our extensive knowledge and relationships with fellow makers we are going to bring you our favourite bars. From month to month, come and experience both our full range and our limited edition creations (and sign up for our ‘bean to door‘ club) and different origins and techniques from the likes of Conexion, J Cocoa, Monsoon and Tosier.  We will also be hosting events to allow you to explore the world of cacao from our little Manchester chocolate shop.  Soon we will be offering delicious hot chocolate to sip while you peruse books from our chocolate library.