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Dormouse Chocolates was born to expand on the background of our professional chocolatier, Isobel. Fully trained in the process of bean
to bar chocolate making and the fascinating history behind it while working for a luxury chocolate brand, this passion is now being used to create a line of bars, truffles and other treats. All handmade in Manchester since December 2014. In May 2015 we became the first Bean to Bar producer in Manchester.


When we say we make chocolate we mean it – we regularly produce microbatches of chocolate in our stone grinders. Starting with raw cocoa beans we hand sort, roast and winnow (the slightly messy removal of the husks from the beans) before grinding, refining and conching, a process that can take several days, and finally aging the finished chocolate to allow the flavour to fully develop. By making chocolate this way we can control every aspect of its flavour profile and draw out the subtle flavour notes of each bean meaning that each batch we produce is unique. Last year our Madagascar 75.6% was awarded Bronze in the Bean to Bar Under 80% catagory at the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

This year we were thrilled to receive the following from the Academy of Chocolate:

Gold – 51.5% Milk Guatemala
Silver – 72% Dark Guatemala
Bronze – 60% Brazil Milk with Smoked Sea Salt


As well as our bean to bar range we also create a range of single origin couverture bars and discs, uniquely flavoured with natural oils, spices, fruits and nuts. Last year our Rose and Raspberry bar was awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards.

All of our products are hand tempered on marble before being individually moulded and wrapped.



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